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The Android platform is the most important application development platform because it has the largest number of users and this number is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, there are millions of them across the globe today. No wonder, there is a booming demand for Android development across the globe. Businesses want to build a solid presence on this platform so that they can connect with the huge user base out there. If you are looking for the best Android app development company, OrangeMantra is a name you can trust. Apart from an industry presence of more than two decades, we have an impressive portfolio of several outstanding Android apps to our credit. Our team comprises seasoned Android experts with proficiency in the platform as well as all its versions. They excel at creating innovative apps that are powered by the most advanced technologies. Our extensive platform-expertise makes us capable of delivering a full range of Android app development

Hybrid Apps

Robust hybrid app solutions that give you wide coverage and reach Hybrid mobile apps are a smart approach for businesses as they bring together the best of both the worlds, web and native apps. Going hybrid lowers the cost of development, offers easy access to device data, and empowers the business with van app that works offline. Apart from these benefits, hybrid apps also scale to a variety of OS and platforms which definitely can be a winning advantage for any business. At OrangeMantra, we offer expertise in hybrid app development and cater apps that have the potential to open new frontiers for your business. Our team’s in-depth expertise in hybrid technologies enables organizations cut down their development costs while leveraging modern methodologies for an attractive UI and smooth UX. We offer apps that are faster time to market, yet do not compromise with their quality. Collaborate with us for an amazing hybrid app that takes your business to the next level.

Cross Platform

Diverse devices, diverse OS-One app that covers them all Choosing between iOS and Android has always been mind-boggling for businesses but this is something that you may absolutely need to do, particularly when you have limited time and budget. You can resolve the concern by engaging in cross-platform app development. Not only are these apps compatible with different development platforms but run seamlessly across diverse devices as well. If you are looking for cross-platform app development services. OrangeMantra is a name you can trust. We offer multi-platform app development solutions that will provide the same dynamic experience to your customers, whether they use an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or even a desktop. Our seasoned app developers cater expertise in the latest cross-platform technology React Native and the time-tested Ionic and PhoneGap as well. Share your requirements with us and we will have a perfect cross-platform app for your needs.

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